private video conferencing

How “private” do you think your voice and video calls are?

KCF is sharing the research done by our capstone project students on the most popular video conference tools to see how they stand up to our privacy standards.


Popular videoconferencing tools

about us

We are fourth year students at Ontario Tech University and have investigated these tools over a three-month span for our capstone project for DataRisk. Our team is comprised of Matthew Grant, Jamie Kennedy, Stephanie Markovski, Jayden Tan, and Jiechen Zhu. Throughout this project, we operated under the supervision of Claudiu Popa, a certified cybersecurity professional from DataRisk Canada.

The investigation involved narrowing our focus to the features/topics which are important to user privacy and security to the list present in the column headers seen in our table. As well as documenting whether the feature or topic is present and proven. This consisted of researching the tools in depth, substantiating claims where they were made, and where possible, trying it out for ourselves. Our investigation concluded on the 12th of April, 2021.

our findings

Research on the most popular password management tools

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